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People need to leave their dogs at home
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After reading the article about Tom Hohn and his dog I feel that I must present another side.  What about people that are allergic to or afraid of dogs? 

Mr. Hohn thinks he is above following the law.  He was not using a leash, his dog displayed physical traits of a pit bull so he should have been neutered.  Just because Mr. Hohn has taken him “everywhere” does not make it right.  Just because the dog helped him through a lot of sickness last year does not make it right.  I like cows and they make me feel better when I am ill but I do not take one out in public. 

Attending street fairs and other public events has become nearly like going to a dog park.  It is time people left their dogs home or take them to the dog parks that are furnished for them.

Sharon Busser
July 2, 2011