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Please return stolen items, no questions asked
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

 My kids have been recognized in your paper for various acts of kindness -  the latest was my son, Christian for donating his lemonade stand money to our local animal shelter.

Tonight (Friday) my vehicle -  with a few others - was broken into at the Strike Zone Bowling parking lot.  We had a couple of things taken but the most disturbing and heartbreaking was my daughter’s soccer team’s foldable bench. We have a few games this weekend and we will be “seatless”.

We all know it’s tough these days but my daughter had worked hard to raise money to buy the bench herself. What also hurt was a blanket that was in the bench bag was also stolen. My daughter and I spent days making a 6-foot team blanket so the girls could keep warm during the chilly games. We had personalized it with love. We were very heart broken that these items had been taken.

I am asking if you can please put it out there that we don’t mind the other things, they are replaceable, but our team bench and most of all the blanket, means so much to all of our girls. No questions will be asked, no accusations will be made, just a thank you and a blessing for returning the items.

Cynthia Duran
Nov. 19, 2011