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Questions Cantus sense of fiscal responsibility
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin:

Bravo to Mr. Stephen Breacain for his letter of May 4, 2012. Keep up the good work.

In case Mr. Cantu hasn’t figured it out yet, this country and the world as a whole are in financial trouble.

Thanks to the leadership of our Mayor and the current City Council, the City of Manteca is in a better position to weather the uncertainty of the economy than other cities.

My vote would definitely go to the person that promises fiscal responsibility over someone that would chose to spend money for a useless fixture. Wouldn’t the hiring of additional police officers for the security of the citizens make more sense than a pretty water tower that is totally inoperable? Mr. Cantu, if there is an extra $400,000 sitting in the City’s coffers, which priority makes more sense to you: prettying-up a useless fixture, or hiring police officers for the protection of our citizens? If you chose to pursue a recall election and, therefore, necessitate the City to waste money for such a folly in these economic times, you will certainly be doing it for your own personal benefit not for the citizens of Manteca as a whole.

What other fiscally irresponsible follies will you come up with if you are elected to the city council?

Lin LaRock


May 7, 2012