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Ready to send more jobs overseas?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Over the past several years I have made many major predictions that have come true.  Such as when the gas prices peaked at $5.75 a gallon, I stated we will have a major drop in prices.  I said we would go below $1 a gallon.  I was off a bit.  We hit $1.45 a gallon in Manteca and I paid $1.25 in Turlock.  

I said that the economy would turn around in first quarter 2009 and would be recognized in second quarter 2009.  It happened and it has.  I said that housing prices would bottom out in November 2008.  For all practical purposes, the housing market started to recover in January/February 2009.  The stock market and massive layoffs both turned around in March of 2009.  Sadly to say, I missed one prediction by a long shot, the unemployment rate.  I stated that by the end of 2009, the unemployment rate would be in the mid 7% range.  Mr. Baca chastised me about it and stated that it would be in the 10% range.  Mr. Baca, you were right and I was wrong.  In fact many economists are predicting a long, slow job recovery.  I have stated many times that as this country moves towards the philosophies of the Democrats, we have more economic problems.  

For the last year, the general population has suffered and is continuing to suffer under the Democrats’ policies.  Three years ago Mr. Pombo lost to Mr. McNerney. California’s political focus became even more liberal.  California and the rest of the nation moved away from the “failed” policies of Mr. Bush and the era of the Republicans.  The expectation of this country was that America would prosper more under the Democrats control and philosophies.  Mr. Baca and his fellow Democrats attacked me and stated that I was from the 4th dimension, and that I did not have any understanding of reality.  Here is the real reality, the unemployment rate, those that are still looking for work, is at 10%.  The “real” unemployment rate - those that stopped looking for work and those that are under employed - is over 17%.  The economic crisis that hit California could have been averted over three years ago when the Democrats gained control of California.  This state must now make cuts that are going to hurt many more then you and I can imagine.  Since I could not ever get the Democrats to state what “failed” policies and actions were causing this country to get us where we are now, maybe the Democrats will tell us what fantastic policies they are going to follow that will get us out of this mess.  If the Democrats really had better policies than the “failed” policies of Mr. Bush and the Republicans, then my prediction of the 7% unemployment rate would have come true.

 If you had really listened to the reasoning of the Democrats, you would have heard two commentaries from them; the first is sarcastic attacks which show they cannot articulate the issues and solutions surrounding the problems.  The other is a utopian solution which shows that they do not have an understanding of the economics and realities, nor how to apply them to problem solving

 Mr. Obama and the Democrats have been pushing cap and trade based on junk global warming science.  The laws of thermodynamics prove that heat cannot be re-radiated back to the planet’s surface and that the influence of CO2 contributes less than 1% of the temperature rise.  The Democrats are going to trade your economics future on a false belief in a physical relationship between CO2 and the earth’s temperature.  
Are you ready to send more jobs overseas?  Are you ready to see the unemployment rate go up some more just for the sake of a lie?  Don’t blame me for our economic problems, you voted for the Democrats.  Are you happy with the results of the past year and the predictions for the next 6 months?

Scott McComas
Jan. 9, 2010