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The real ‘Fake News’
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 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Are CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and other news outlets really biased with “Fake News” toward President Trump?  According to the Washington Times on a December 12, 2017 report, 90% of Trump coverage has been negative.  
There is no doubt that liberals have fully infiltrated the entire media market, becoming an extended branch of the Democratic Party with its sole purpose of driving the news they wish through biased reporting to influence public thought and persuasion to move the Democratic agenda.  Therefore, it is not surprising that federal records indicate journalist contributions favored Democrats by a 20:1 ratio. According to the article, ABC, CBS, and NBC ran only 105 positive statements about Trump in a three month study while running 1,123 negative statements.  CNN’s coverage of Trump is even worse with Media Research Center finding evidence of liberal bias against not letting up “its hostility toward the president.”
 If one were to listen only to these biased news outlets, you may not know:
The “Fake News” media ignored the Inspector General report of abuses in the FBI/DOJ handling of the Clinton email investigation pointing to a cover up of crimes and preferential treatment to assure Hillary would not be charged for multiple felonies.
The “Fake News” media ignored the Inspector General report of abuses and misleading information that led to a FISA warrant to place a spy into the Trump campaign, which an article in the New York Times on May 7, 2018 confirmed.  
The “Fake News” media claimed Trump was “baseless” in his reference that he was wiretapped.  Now, National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, has admitted Trump was spied on through an informant.  
The “Fake News” media ran news story after news story of “Trump-Russian” collusion; but to this day, even Democrats have admitted they can find no collusion.
The “Fake News” media ignored real Russian collusion with the Clinton Foundation including millions given by the Russians as well as the sale of American Uranium ultimately sold to the Russians through a Canadian investor after approved by Clinton and Obama.
The “Fake News” media took Trump’s words out of context when he referred MS-13 gang members, who rape and murder, as “animals”.  Yet, the “Fake News’ media twisted his words to mean all immigrants.
The “Fake News” media used Nancy Pelosi’s words to call the tax cuts as “crumbs” although the majority of Americans would benefit of a tax cut.
The “Fake News” media ignored the reduction in unemployment to 3.9% and all time low unemployment for women, blacks, and Hispanic America.
 The list goes on and on.  Here lies the problem for Democrats, Trump is “winning”.  NFL players are forced to respect America!  Democrats have lied to do everything to stop Trump from “Fake News” to fake Trump-Russian collusion to Democrats like Baca, who would rather America fails than for Trump to succeed.
 The “Fake News” media can continue to report with a blind eye and inaccurate facts.  Social media such as Google and Facebook can continue to censor conservative voices.
 Larry, you need to stop watching “Fake News” and please note that none of my references included Fox News.
 Frank Aquila