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Save jobs, go to smaller cop cars
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I was in Johnny’s coffee shop Friday morning, like every morning, and one of our city’s policeman was there talking about the closed door Manteca City Council meeting concerning downsizing our police force. He did not seem very happy about it. I can really understand that.

I have a question: “Why is the USA the only country in the world with full size cars for police cars?” What makes this country different? I don’t see Al Capone or Bonnie and Clyde around much anymore. So, why do we need 150 mph Hemi Dodge full size cars in such a small town?

I was hoping to hear the term “police presence”. I’d be more afraid of 20 small cars chasing me with radios, than 5 big cars with the drivers too busy with the steering wheel to be on the radio.

My point is this, if the city were to dump all but two of the big cars and all of the Chevy Tahoes and go to small compact cars, this city can save a boat load of money, save jobs, and maybe even put a few more much needed people on the street.  With our schools loosing teachers, programs and going to larger classes, I think this city and the school district should work together for the students and the community as a whole.

With more units on patrol, response time would be far better. In general, I don’t want to see any fewer police in my town, and I don’t want to see any more jobs lost by anyone, much less those who protect us.

I have been in business in Manteca for 28 years. As a manufacturer I have seen my income go off shore for the last eight years. And it is going to get worse. Arnold Schwarzenegger has not done us any favors. Where did the money from Measure “M” go? Where is all the money for the schools from the lottery?

Why should I have to pay for health care for some illegal when I can’t get it for myself? Why should I pay for Social Security for me, when all the money is going to an illegal without putting anything in?

 By the way, there is free health care for everyone who applies. You don’t need to be a citizen of this country. You will get the absolute best care money (the tax payer) can buy. It is available even if you are homeless, a drug addict, murderer, terrorist, or whatever. All you have to do is to join the ranks of American criminals – just go to jail and it’s free.

My father was in Doctors Hospital right here in Manteca. He was in intensive care. When we came to see him the next morning, there were two guards from DVI sitting there, and an inmate from DVI handcuffed to the bed in my father’s place. When asked where my father was, the guard said he was on the second floor. This was in October 2001, the month he died.

A criminal from prison took the bed from my dying father right here in Manteca’s very own Doctors Hospital. So, if you want to be at the head of the health care line, just go to jail.

 My grandparents on both sides of my family were indentured servants from Spain and the Azores. So when it comes to immigration, do it legally or go back to where you came from.

Ok, I know this part is going to be weird, but here goes anyway. In 1978, I worked in a welding shop in Stockton. At lunch time we would sit around and talk “stuff” Guy stuff. Well...I said, “One day we will be tracked by some sort of device that would measure a person’s body temp, heart rate and location. It would be powered by either a very small battery or by our body’s own electrical system, and be tracked by satellite. My co-workers thought I crazy. You can buy these from a company in Florida for use with people with Alzheimer patients. These are used on whales, birds, criminals, you name it.

I wonder if we had glasses that we could see all the microwave energy from every satellite, would all we see be “snow”?
Gary J. Duran
Sept. 4, 2009