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Says Frank Aquila spitting in wind as California will never vote for Trump
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Apparently my last letter got under our little friends skin. So much so, he mentioned my name 27 times in his wild, unhinged reply (“Aquila outlines his case against the liberal version of ‘Fake News’” on April 16 by Frank Aquila. 

My reply to his previous letter which I assumed was an April Fools’ joke because he claimed to list “Liberal Lunacies”, which I found to be rather ironic since his “Dear Leader” Trump is the biggest lunatic on the planet spitting out Twitter lunacies on an almost hourly basis. From claiming he knows more than his Intelligence community or his Generals, to having the best words, presumably like “Covfefe”, the list goes on and on including recently, in one day mind you, claimed his father was born in Germany (He was born in NY), pronounced “Origins” as “Oranges”, three times in one minute, once again claimed Puerto Rico was not part of the United States, and noise from wind turbines cause cancer.  Does that sound like a “stable genius” as he has claimed to be? It apparently does to our little friend.

I had to smile when apparently a retort to my giving our little friend some advice to go back to his “fortress of solitude”, he came back with my being in a “bunker”. Someone should advise our little friend not to try “clever”, it just doesn’t work for him and makes him sound rather desperate.

In my response I listed nine retorts to his claims. He didn’t even mention five of them and the four that he did mention were not supported by verifiable facts. He just made them up, a la Trump. Instead he just flew all over the map, again a la Trump. He complained about how many times the Muller Investigation was brought up on the main stream media. I assume he thinks an investigation into Russian interference of our elections did not deserve news coverage. He tries to infer that Fox News never mentioned the investigation on any of i’s shows and I assume he thinks the Bulletin never mentioned it either. Apparently he doesn’t know the Bulletin carries news bulletins from NBC, CBS and MSNBC, not to mention the AP. That’s called reporting the news my little friend. Just because you don’t like news that doesn’t fawn all over Trump, a la Mike Pence, doesn’t mean it is to be ignored. (More on Pence in a minute)...

But first, breaking news: The Mueller report, or I should say the Barr “Redacted” version was released today but not before AG Barr had a press briefing to color the report in Trump’s favor. Imagine having a press briefing on a report that hasn’t been released. What are reporters supposed to ask? But that seemed to be the point, wasn’t it? First Trump announces the Barr briefing before Barr does himself, suggesting, and rightly so, that Barr had briefed Trump on the report before anyone else and they both planed the “briefing” in order to paint Trump in the best color possible prior to anyone else reading the report. Mueller nor anyone from his team attended the “Briefing” casting a darker shadow on the whole sordid affair. 

I have been reading the Barr “redacted” version of the Mueller Report and it reads much like an episode straight out of the Soprano’s TV show where the Mob Boss (Trump) and his new  Consigliere (Barr) conspire and collude to make the “Boss” look like an innocent victim after a heinous crime. In one passage when Trump is briefed on Mueller being appointed as Special Council, Trump reportedly leans back in his chair and says “Oh my God, that’s the end of my Presidency! I’m f....d!!” That one line says it all, doesn’t it? Trump knew what he had done and he was about to pay the price. You can read the redacted report on Read it and imagine how much more damming it would be if it wasn’t redacted. Then imagine AG Barr acting like the People’s Lawyer and not Trump’s Consigliere. You would surely envision Tony Soprano sitting all alone in the Oval Office, I sure have... 

Back to original programming: Once again our little friend has to be reminded that seeking asylum is legal and nobody in Congress has called for “open borders”, nobody! Trump and the Republican Congress are the only ones to bring up “Open Borders”. Of course since Trump brings it up at every rally, our little friend eats it up like avocado on wheat Toast. Well, maybe more like butter on white toast. Avocados are more a Mexican favorite and I’m sure, at this point, our little friend doesn’t want to be associated with anything south of the border lest he may feel he is contributing to MS-13 or something. Speaking of MS-13, it was not originated to El Salvador as some have claimed. It was originated in Los Angeles in the 1980s, just like Hells Angels, which was earlier and more precisely in San Bernardino.

One more time for my little friend who seems to be completely unaware of the political demographics of California because he insists to continue spiting into the wind. Let me be clear my little friend, California is as blue as blue can get, the last election cycle should have given you a clue. There is no way in hell California is going to support Trump in 2020. California rejected Trump in 2016 by over 4 million votes and that was before Trump declared war on the state, the majority of voters in California didn’t hate him then, they just knew better. If you vote for Trump, you might as well toss it in the Delta given that we still use the antiquated Electoral College to elect the President and not the majority vote like every other election in the world, thus a vote for Trump in California is futile in every sense of the word.

As for Mike Pence, an article in the NY Times pointed out how adoringly Pence stares at Trump whenever Trump is in the same room, making a speech at one of his rallies or just meeting with his Cabinet. Pence will heap so many praises on Trump that more than one Cabinet member have reportedly “felt uncomfortable and embarrassed”. One official said he wished his wife would look at him with such love in his eyes as Pence seems to have for his boss. Sometimes when I read some of our little friends’ letters where he is speaking of his “Dear Leader” Trump, I feel he may have some Pence in him as well... “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”...…... Seinfeld S4E16...

Larry Baca