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Sell Manteca golf course to help address pension funding shortfall
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It appears like the Manteca City Council has a real issue that they need to resolve soon. Money is not available to cover increased costs of retirement. Are we to believe that retirement funding is being rapidly depleted? Is this something that has been neglected by the council till funding runs out to create an excuse to tax residents? This issue is perhaps one more reason subsidizing senior play at the golf course should be discontinued. The subsidy of $155,000 would contribute some to the retirement fund.

They could also sell the golf course and the proceeds used to finance a long term solution to the cost of the city pension plan. Is this city council without a vision to cover this increased retirement cost? You would also recover over a million dollars or more in maintaining equipment cost. 

This city has reached a point where they can no longer justify this course, for they have failed to come up with a profitable plan for this course. A business will fail if it doesn’t turn a profit of at least 30%. Councilman Mike Morowit can attest to that fact, for he owns a business. Most cities have sold off golf courses for they realized long ago they weren’t profitable for the city. This course has definitely been a negative asset for the city for years. 

I think the only decision that confronts this council should be the profitability that can be had by selling the course to help in financing future obligations this city can’t meet. 

The recent spending of $7.8 million for infrastructure for the water park resort hotel when no private sector commitment for a project has been made suggests this council doesn’t have a great deal of financial investment ability. 

Selling the course would be a bonanza in restoring retirement funds. 

I see another tax on the horizon if this council doesn’t act soon to address the retirement issue. I gave you a solution to the retirement shortage now act on it before it becomes an issue.  

Fleener Richards