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Shopping for our groceries via Internet part of changing times
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

How  many of you do your grocery shopping on line?   I started a number of months ago and Safeway was my first try.  I also went to Amazon several weeks later.  After several deliveries, Amazon quit our zip code and served us notice. Their groceries were actually delivered by the Post Office.

Safeway did well until a large section of my order wasn’t delivered, but I was charged for it.  They did issue a refund.  I’ve also tried Raley’s which seemed to have more of the items we enjoy.  They also had trouble by running out of stock. I am back with Safeway for the “bulk” or our groceries.

I also started to order items from Schwan’s. They have their own menu and deliver every two weeks.  They also have the best driver, however the others are very nice as well.   Everything they have can usually be heated up in the microwave in just a minute or two.   The items come frozen so make sure you have space in your freezer.

The reason I bring this up is to show how things are changing. When I was young my mother used to make up a list of groceries and my dad would give it to the market and then pick it up in the evening. I’m sure he was just one of only a handful doing it this way.   Groceries, like everything else, is now on the internet and can be delivered quickly.   The brick and mortar shopping is going by the way-side.

A number of stores, like Sears, May Co., Office Depot, JC Penney’s and many others are leaving their familiar sales areas and going to the internet. Amazon started all this and is now the go-to-place for nearly everything you need.  There doesn’t seem to be one thing that you want that isn’t available on Amazon. Amazon is getting so big that they now have warehouses in our area and six to eight large planes per day land at the small Stockton airport bringing in stock.   I mentioned this before that Amazon is also into food. However, they like so many others, learn the hard way and have to regroup. I’m sure that, soon, Amazon will  be one of the largest food suppliers in the nation, especially if they commit themselves to do it.

Since I don’t  drive  anymore, shopping has turned into  an internet experience.  I find that the prices are generally lower, but the delivery fee makes it more expensive.  But- taking into account that there is no wear and tear on the vehicle and no gas is used it probably comes out close to the same. Of course the time invested is definitely a plus on the internet side.

Not everything is changing for the better. Our country was once based on truth and fair play, but today lies are the “new truth” and cheating has become an everyday occurrence. Some people gain the top ground solely by lying through their teeth.    It doesn’t look  like politicians will  ever really change what they have been doing for years and the public continues to vote for it. This may be the death of us all.

Ron Berger