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So where were Bush, Cheney & Palin?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

For the first time I can remember, a major political party convention was held and the last sitting President or Vice President were not invited, neither were any of the members of their administration except for Condoleezza Rice, but we all know why she was invited don’t we? These guys were in office for eight years and their Party wants to pretend they never existed. They weren’t mentioned in any of the speeches and nobody dared mention their names aloud. I wonder why? Could it have been that the GOP didn’t want to remind anyone of who it was whose policies put this country into that tail spin we are still enjoying to this day? Policies the current GOP candidates want to bring back.

The last GOP candidates for president or vice president were missing in action as well. It’s as if they never existed. Sarah Palin, who Republicans claimed lit up the GOP stage, wasn’t anywhere to be found, neither was her infamous bus, remember that? Yeah, we all know, at least those of us who can still add, it was just a book-selling tour but hey, the GOP could have let her hawk her book in the lobby of the building. You know the building build by mostly government funds, kind of making that GOP sign inside (we built it) seem kind of silly doesn’t it?

Did you take a look around at the crowd? Even all the cops were white. If you had used a black and white TV, you could have ended up snow blind.

I wonder what Frank Aquila thought about the GOP ignoring Sarah Palin? Remember it was reported in the Manteca Bulletin that Frank said he was the one who suggested Sarah Palin to the McCain Campaign. Right after he invented the Internet, I understand.



Larry Baca


Sept. 3, 2012