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Solutions for America and giving up our rights
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin;
After reviewing the 10 solutions for America that was submitted to this paper by the President of the local Republican Party, some interesting points were made by him. I have challenged this person in the past to present us with solutions instead of just throwing mud, and although these solutions are vague, they speak volumes as to what direction the GOP wants to take this country, and some of them are scary.

As an independent, I believe that neither party is the answer, but that we need conservative and liberal ideals to maintain the balance that a free society needs in order to function with liberties.  It is these liberties that were the rallying cry that led to our country’s independence. The “Bill of Rights” was the first additions to the Constitution immediately after it was signed. It is these “Bill of Rights” that state the government answers to the people, and not the other way around. It is these liberties that are assailed in this GOP list of “solutions” that has been presented to us. Mr. Aquila begins by suggesting that there should be another “contract with America”. Why should we believe that any contract with the GOP would be upheld, the last one wasn’t. There were a few idle attempts to pass a few of the items on the last contract, but the contract was tossed aside once the Republicans gained control of both houses of congress. Besides, we have a contract with America; it’s called the Constitution of the United States.

The constitution at times seems to be a despised document by the GOP, and the reason is that it is about managing the country and not the people. Mr. Aquila’s suggestion for National Security is to utilize the Patriot Act to help enforce our borders. The Patriot Act is a law written by Republicans that reduce your civil liberties in order for incompetent people to fulfill their responsibility to protect our country. We have been at war with some of the greatest powers on Earth; the British, the French, the Germans, the Japanese, and a cold war with the Soviet Union, and during these wars not once did those who were governing our country even suggested that we give up any of our rights to make their jobs easier.  It’s because they had American principles and American values. As opposed to giving up rights to ease the burden of our elected officials, we need to elect more competent people to bear the responsibility to preserve our liberties as well as protect the country. If you really want to protect our boarders, look to what Geo. Washington instructed this country to do, and mind our own business. Bring our entire troops home, and let them protect our boarders, not our “interests.” With a military budget nearing $500 billion, I don’t see where I need to give up any rights to protect our borders.

 This GOP representative further shows us that the Constitution gets in the way of controlling the people with his 10th suggestion, Morality.  He tries to paint his repressive agenda as wholesome by claiming American culture, but what he is really saying is that the 1st amendment gives us too much freedom.  American culture in a nutshell is that of a free and equal people who govern themselves, and accept no authority over their dominion. The things that Aquila lists as culture like God, desecrating the flag, or musical lyrics are covered in the very first amendment to our constitution, freedom of speech. I have to imagine that since it was the first liberty that the founding fathers declared for the people of their country, that it is the most important one.  It has been said that our freedom of speech isn’t intended to protect acceptable speech, but rather it protects uncomfortable speech. Like speaking out against a repressive government, or speaking out against a government that starts needless wars that the people are against. Who does the GOP think is going to decide what is moral, and what isn’t. How do they see these moral laws being enforced? Maybe like in Iran where they have moral police patrolling the streets looking for violators? This is just more repressive big government brought to you by the GOP. The same GOP that tripled the size of our government over the last 10 years.

 This is just two of the ten solutions for America that the GOP has for us, and they both involve Americans giving up rights. A repressive government that limits civil rights, who tells you what music you can listen to, what you can wear, and which God you have to believe in. A great Republican President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, stated that “if you want total security go to prison. There they house you, clothe you, feed you and give you excellent medical care. It’s just that you have to give up your freedom”. It makes one wonder where have all of the great Republicans gone?

Scott Sadlowski
March 31, 2009