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Solve racial profiling: Give border land to Indians
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I have a solution to end the problem of the fear of racial profiling along our troubled southern border. Before I get into my solution, I just wanted to say that for the last year and a half, there has been more talk of “race” than in the last 20 years or so. This just makes me sick. We are all “Americans” first - nothing else matters.

So, if the politicians want to bring race into the issues, then they need to talk about the one race that has been beaten down, murdered, moved, cast aside, and asked more of than any other race. And that is the American Indian. If any race of people should be screaming, it should be our real people. Anyone else using the racial profiling word as a platform to make a stand on, is standing on thin just shut up about it.

Now, my solution, and I am serious, is so simple that it solves the profiling issue on its own. Here’s the deal: Take a two thousand yard swipe on our side of the southern border from San Diego to Texas, and give it back to whom it rightfully belongs, the real Americans - the Indians. They only have to do one thing. - don’t let anybody in. Pay them well, let them develop the land, and rebuild how they see fit.

By doing this the politicians don’t have to worry about their precious little vote, they can keep their hands clean, look the other way as they usually do anyway, and put an end to this profiling thing. After all, when you enter Indian land, you are no longer protected by federal law, only Indian law is the rule of the land.

So, you tell me, what do you think will happen then? Problem solved.

Gary J. Duran
Aug. 5, 2010