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State defends restoring water use
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In response to Dennis Wyatt’s column on Sept. 24 (“State water decisions are for the birds”):

The availability of water is not such a miracle at all: it is based on supply and demand. Based on water use reports submitted to the State Water Board, demand for irrigation water, which makes up much of the water use, typically drops off in August because the irrigation season has ended for many Central Valley farmers. When less water is being used, more is available.

 More water hasn’t become available in other watersheds because reported and projected use hasn’t dropped off as much yet. The State Water Board continues to monitor actual and projected water use in other watersheds.

Information on supply, actual demand and projected demand are all available on the State Water Board’s website:

You can rest assured that the State Water Board is very concerned about water rights, farmers and all users of water in California, and is trying very hard to get through this drought crisis in as equitable and fair manner as possible.


Tom Howard

Executive Director

State Water Resources

Control Board