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State is not doing its job
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Oroville Dam is falling apart causing 200,000 residents to flee their homes and businesses. This national disaster is of little concern to enviros who want all dams torn down. Imagine the impact of this ideology with 20 to 30 feet. of snow in the Sierra.
 There is a majority of California Democratic congressmen who are not concerned about dams for the purpose of water storage and flood control. These liberals are puppets financed by the Enviro lobby. Their first priority is the welfare of the Delta Smelt, Swainson Hawk, Giant Garden Snake, and of course the Fairy Shrimp. The livelihood and wellbeing of humans becomes a distant second.
The State Water Resource Board did not do its job by fully checking out the Oroville spillway. The public needs to know how many more dams are in bad shape. At the present, the board’s entire focus is on stealing our water and wasting it! The second issue is s lack of State Funding for needed maintenance and repairs for dams.
So where did the billions of dollars in the State Treasury go?!  Siphoning out designated funds could be termed a criminal act.
It’s a downright shame that Jerry Brown has taken all this money to pay for a bullet train. The facts are that our Governor cares more about his legacy than the welfare of all Californians.

Robert Van Groningen