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Support Arizona in their fight against illegals
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Over the last two to three weeks I have watched the TV images of people in Arizona and elsewhere protesting Arizona’s new immigration law. The protesters are saying that it will lead to racial profiling, etc. That cops will stop people just because they want to. Several things are wrong with their argument.

If one reviews the laws in Mexico, a person must show proof that they are entitled to be in the country or face jail, China: proof or jail, European country: carry papers or face jail and deportation. The story goes on and on.

The only requirement that the Arizona law has is that if a person is stopped for cause; i.e. violating a motor vehicle rule, causing a disturbance or anything else that would catch the attention of a peace officer or raise the concern of a private citizen to call law enforcement, is that the person being questioned have legal, there goes that word again, documentation. That documentation could be a state issued driver’s license or Id card, military ID, visa, passport, social security card, welfare card, etc. Anything issued by a federal, state or county agency. Don’t you carry at least one of those documents when you leave your house?

The reason for the new law, the federal government has failed to do their job! The feds are supposed to secure the borders from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The citizens of Arizona fear for their lives because all types of illegals are crossing the borders and killing or injuring citizens and destroying property!

Jail time, if arrested, and fines for employers will dry up the labor market and improve chances for employment for people legally entitled to work here. Win, win for those that are legal. Support Arizona because we might be next!! Don’t let us become the next Greece!
 Dale Burnham
May 14, 2010