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Supports council on stopping dog park, tree project
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The Editor of the Bulletin seemed to both praise and condemn the council for its actions on rejecting the dog park and Moffat tree project. It is my opinion that the council made a responsible decision,  based on increased cost on maintenance. I support the decision made by council lady Debby Moorhead and councilmen Steve DeBrum and Vince Hernandez. They have shown the public they are serious about weeding out low priority projects to address the budget deficit. Others on the council don’t have the same thing in mind.

It is my contention the Mathews who are pushing this dog project have very little insight on how important saving tax dollars is. The Mathews want a dog run, regardless of how much it adds to our maintenance bill. The parks account is limited. This would be like taking playground money from kids to give to the dogs. It was also suggested that each resident pay $1 for clean-up of this park by adding a surcharge to dog licenses. Why should we pay for dog scooping, when we won’t use the park? As for volunteers maintaining the park, that wouldn’t last. If the dog group wants to volunteer, East Union Cemetery is looking for able volunteers.

The Mathews pushed the RV movement and the council gave in to their demands. Now they think they are a powerhouse in pushing something costly and unnecessary on us. We have more parks in Manteca than we use, why do we need added costs by taxing people for a dog run? If I have to pay more for licensing my dogs, I want it to go to the animal shelter to renovate it, more room would allow little dogs a chance to be adopted, instead of being put to sleep. None of my three dogs were bought, they were all adopted. I urge people to think about adopting and give these little dogs a home.
Fleener Richards
July 9, 2009