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Takes Baca to task over letter
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Larry Baca wrote a letter to the paper headlined “Paranoia or Scary made up story” referring to a letter submitted by Frank Aquila.  I have read many of Larry Baca’s letters to the paper over the years and I find his letters deliberately misleading.

This letter is more irritating since Larry either forgets or ignores we are living in a world where Islamic terrorists want to kill us.  This is not paranoia or a scary story.  It was not paranoia or a scary story on September 11, 2001 or during the murder of 17 people in France over the past week.  Frank Aquila was correct to write about Islamist killing children in the schools.  145 were killed in Pakistan.

Let us compare the points brought by Larry Baca against Frank Aquila.  Frank wrote there were conflicting reports whether Abu Bakr al Baghadadi was killed.  Larry wrote he was killed.  Larry is wrong.  There is no confirmed report he was killed.   

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wounded in airstrike, Iraq officials say

Frank wrote Abu Bakr al Baghadadi was released by the Obama administration.  Larry wrote it was agreement signed by President Bush that allowed his release.  Larry is wrong again.  The 2008 agreement was not to expire until December 31, 2011.  Obama released the head terrorist of ISIS in 2009.

Frank wrote Republicans and Democrats alike have announced the threat of ISIS as “serious” and that “they will come after us whenever and wherever they can.” and according to reports, the terrorists will hit our schools.  Frank referenced the school attacks in Russia and Pakistan.  Larry calls it Paranoia or Scary Made-Up Story?  Larry is wrong again.  Not only has school children been murdered, Larry should have been smart enough to see both Republicans and Democrats are taking the threat serious.

ISIS Is Now Directly Threatening To Attack American And European Targets

Next Larry incorrectly quoted Frank stating, “President Obama claimed Benghazi was a response to a You Tube Video. When in fact he was responsible for the attack.”  Frank actually wrote this, “When our embassy was attacked in Benghazi, he originally claimed it was a response from a You Tube video as he went to a fundraiser. “  Larry tried to mislead the Manteca readers by misquoting Frank and then lying about the statement.  Frank was correct pointing out Obama’s claim.

Next Larry disputes Frank’s allegation about MS13 gangs aligning themselves with ISIS to sneak the terrorists across the border.  Larry calls it an extra scary effect.  Larry is wrong again.  It is not a scary effect if it is true.  It is a fact MS 13 gangs are assisting ISIS across the border.  Shawn Moran of the Border Patrol Council said, ““If you pay the cartels enough, they will sneak you across or assist in getting anything you want across the border.”

Border crisis could provide cover to ISIS operatives, say experts

Next Frank suggested “school administrators should be required to have a firearm” to defend a school during a terrorist attack.  Larry conveniently left out “suggested” and then misleads the Manteca readers into believing Frank was suggesting “assault weapons for teachers”.  Frank did not reference an assault rifle or the teachers having a firearm. 

As a reader of the Manteca Bulletin, I have no problem with people having different opinions.  This is what the opinion section of the paper is for.  I do have a problem when my paper is filled with blatant lies, misquotes, and deliberate misleading information to confuse a reader.  It is my hope Larry Baca either writes an honest response or that he be banned from the paper.  

Robert Blanch