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Ten solutions for improving America
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Congress has forgotten the principles established in our Constitution for limited government.  They have become self indulgent and spend money as either “tax and spend” or “borrow and spend” for their own self interest.

In 1994, the Republican Party created a Contract for America to reshape America, promoting such items as welfare reform and an elimination of government waste.

 “We the people” need a new contract for America addressing solutions for the following issues:

1. National Security. We need secure out borders and use programs such as the Patriot Act to keep American interests safe from terrorism.

2. Keep America First.  American Companies need to stay in America. Small businesses and American based companies that have not expanded into other counties should have their taxes reduced to encourage growth and provide jobs for Americans within America.  

3. Fiscal Responsibly.  We need to keep taxes low, end earmarks, and unnecessary spending. No country that hates America should get our tax money, including two billion in yearly aid to Egypt which votes against America 80% of the time.

4. Energy Independence.  While we strive to seek alternative fuel, we should immediately drill for oil within America to reduse our dependence on foreign oil.

5. Health Care Solutions.  Free market solutions within individual health savings accounts to choose appropiate coverages with choices.  Appropiate funding to prevent cancer and heart disease, the leading cause of death to Americans.

6. Social Security Reform. We need to protect and save Social Security from bankruptcy where all American will be entitled to the benefits of their contributions.

7. Give our Military and Veterans the Best.  Our military budget should provide the best care to our veterans whiles providing the best equipment and pay to our military.

8. Education Reform.  Parents should be given more choices to decide what is best for their child including the school and instruction.  A school must return to teaching the basics while providing vocational training to those most at risk students in their career path.

9. Rebuild America.  We should repair our schools, bridges, and roads while eliminating polutions in our air and water.

10. Morality Matters.   We need to protect the culture of America.  We are “One Nation Under God” and “ In God We Trust”. We need a Constitutional Amendment that protects our American flag from those who hate America and a Constitutional Amendment that protects marriage as one man and one woman. Recording artists with lyrics that degrade women, glorifies murder, or incites violence against the police should be censored as hate and threatening speech. Free speech has its limitations as with child pornography.  
President Ronald Reagan once said America is “a shining city on a hill” and the best last hope for man on this earth.”

Our best days are ahead of us if our government will simply trust the American people.
 Frank Aquila
Manteca resident
President of the South
San Joaquin Republicans