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Thank-you, Evelyn Prouty, for your work at EU Cemetery
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This letter is in response to “People impatient with woman volunteer, 62, digging grave by herself” dated April 6,, 2009.  To a certain degree I can understand the woman’s frustrations, however her attitude and hostility have much to be desired. How do you sleep at night?

I personally, do not know Evelyn Prouty, nor have I ever met her.  However,  I admire her tenacity, and her obvious pride not only in maintaining the East Union Cemetery but her pride in Manteca, after all this cemetery is in the heart of Manteca.  

I regret that I am not one of the volunteers who help with its upkeep.  I have some disabilities, but hope that this summer I will be able to go out there and if nothing else pick up debris and such.

The point of this letter is in regards to the upset woman who took her hostilities out on Mrs. Prouty.

When the woman asked Mrs. Prouty how her daughter died, Mrs. Prouty answered her honestly and out-right. I can’t help but wonder if the woman was just being snoopy or was genuinely cared about her daughter’s death.

When Mrs. Prouty said it was due to suicide, the woman responded, “Sounds like bad parenting to me.”

When people commit suicide they are usually depressed.  Depression is a disease, just like heart disease, cancer, etc.  Many do not take their medications, or they have not found the right medications to control their chemical imbalances.  They live with a dark cloud over their head that they think will never leave.  It’s usually not so much that they want to die, they just don’t want to live with the pain of depression any longer.   For the most part, this has nothing to do with good or poor parenting.  As for parenting, it sounds like the other woman needs some parenting classes.  Good manners, compassion, morals, etc.  Mrs. Prouty took the high road when she turned away from the woman.

I have nothing but admiration for Mrs. Prouty, volunteering hours, and hours of her time and energy to make this cemetery something to be proud of.  After all she could have been having a V8, watching TV, etc., but instead used her grieving in a positive manner.  

My hat is off to you, for your hard work, dedication, honesty and devotion, wish not only myself but others in the community had the same assets.  On behalf of Manteca, “thank you.”  
Dianne Sexton
April 9, 2009