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The case for one-way streets
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I understand quite well that the wheels of any government body tend to turn very slowly, regardless of the level of function. Over a year ago, I wrote a letter to the editor addressing the problem of Main Street traffic flow. Since that time, much has been discussed and much space in the Manteca Bulletin has been taken up with what to do about the needs of the downtown area, However, if a picture had been taken a year ago and compared to the situation today, one would find that nothing has been changed, even with all of the time and energy our city officials have spent on this important topic.
Once again, I would like to present what seems like a very do-able and least-cost proposal regarding the traffic flow and major congestion on Main Street from Yosemite Avenue north to Alameda. Not only would the traffic flow be greatly improved, but the businesses along Main Street would benefit with on-street parking. Simply stated, here is my proposal for reconsideration:
u1) Convert Main Street from Yosemite Avenue to Alameda  Street to a one-way, north bound traffic flow only and remove all the planter boxes in the area. This would increase the amount of parking in front of existing businesses on Main Street. There might even be enough roadway width to consider diagonal parking and have two lanes of north-bound traffic flow all the way to Alameda Street. Two-way traffic on Main Street, north and south bound, would resume at Alameda.
u2) Convert Maple and Sycamore Avenues and Grant and Lincoln avenues into one-way south bound directions from Alameda Street to Yosemite Avenue. By having these four residential streets converted, the neighborhoods would not be impacted with increased traffic as there would be four streets for motorists to choose from to travel in a southern direction.
With the building configuration in downtown the way it is, Main Street will never be expanded in width to improve traffic flow or improve downtown parking. Yosemite and Main have major periods of congestion at various times throughout the day and evening hours. An additional signal at Sycamore and Yosemite might be a good way to provide a safe left turn opportunity onto Yosemite and help with traffic control.
I see the cost of this city traffic flow improvement to be very small, but with a huge impact for local downtown businesses and those traveling Main Street every day. Once again I urge our city government officials to look carefully at this proposal.

Bill Lebo