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The end does not justify the means
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This is in response to the letter to the editor written by Leo Bennett-Cauchon. While the importance of residency might be up for debate the issue of integrity and honesty is not.  

Let’s be clear Alexander Bronson and Ashley Drain both used the same address on their election materials which is really strange considering they didn’t know each other before.  They both also further deceived the voters by listing themselves as educators. We can make many excuses as to why they may have listed the wrong address but the point is that when they filled out the form the day they each applied to run for office it was a very simple question they had to answer and that was “what was their address?”  It is highly unlikely that they both lived at the address listed on their applications, so why did they list it? It seems clear to many that they set out to deceive the voters.  The end does not justify the means.

It is also wrong to assume that the change was a good one.  Ashely Drain replaced Manuel Medeiros.  Yes Manuel Medeiros is a successful farmer, so are many wonderful people in our community.  Mr. Medeiros was a great champion for the district that he represented. The beautiful new gym over at French Camp Elementary is a very small piece of evidence of his hard work and dedication. Mr. Medeiros also spent a lot of time at Weston Ranch High and New Vision High supporting these schools and working with them. Mr. Medeiros is also a man of honesty and integrity and I am grateful for his service.

Alexander Bronson replaced Donald Scholl. He is an arborist. Mr. Scholl was a fierce editor of all the documents placed before the school district. often times catching and correcting problematic wording. Don Scholl spent a lot of time working for and with New Vision High School. He also worked hard and championed the area that he represented and he did this with honesty and integrity and I am grateful for his service.

Michael Seelye is a retired professor. Evelyn Moore is a retired school teacher. Nancy Teicheira is a successful farmer. While each of them have been on the school board for several terms let’s not negate the great service they are giving to our community. They have also visited many schools, advocated for student concerns and listened to the community concerns. Their voting record reflects a commitment to students, families and community. Nancy Teicheira has spent a lot of time at the K-8 schools in Weston Ranch.  Evelyn Moore is also very involved with the county vocational and educational programs. And each of them have given this service with honesty and integrity and I am grateful for their service.

I do hope that both Alexander Bronson and Ashley Drain both choose to resign and right their wrongs.


Jane Holiday

Weston Ranch/Stockton