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The point is there are too many restrictive laws
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Lately, I have been seeing articles in newspapers about people appearing in public wearing guns in holsters and rifles strapped on their backs. On the surface you would think they are protesting the possible passing of law to restrict guns in the open.

Now let’s think a moment. I think we are missing the point completely as the protest they have is for not only law abiding persons but American people in all interests who are getting sick and tired of a rapid expanding list of laws that giving more control taking away rights of law abiding citizens that we had only a few years ago.

As a gun owner myself, I would like the ones wanting to make such a law to try wearing a holster and gun around their private home for a few hours and see how heavy, cumbersome, and restrictive it becomes as well as how it disarranging ones clothes. Gun owners are not anxious to carry guns but only have their bellies full of more and more restrictions that they themselves are more safety conscious than law enforcement and armed services are.

Is it possible that too much pressure is being put on the wrong people for the wrong reasons? Lawmakers should concentrate on repealing restrictive laws, many of which only protect the criminal and hamper the police in many cases.
Walter Brandhorst
April 26, 2010