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The reason why many of my workers lost their jobs
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In Tuesdays Bulletin there was another letter on “What we are watching blah blah blah” from another sore loser liberal. So, please let me start with this: Your queen liberal Nancy Pelosi said,” We need to pass this so we can see what’s in it.” And we swallowed it. Now it is your turn. It goes down much easier with fries and lots of catsup.
Your drama king liberal Chuck Schummer said “we need to borrow money to pay our bills”. Now tell me, if the new president said that very same thing to the author of said, would you swallow it or keep complaining about what they are doing?  Just how stupid do you think we are? Do you borrow money to pay your bills? You need a large fry with that one.
Now, your other drama kings shut down NASA, and now we have to rely on a communist country to get our astronauts into space, with a vehicle just Iike we had. Now it costs us three times more.  The new guy wants to bring it back. Apparently you do not understand just how much innovation and technology comes out of the space program. This requires a truck load of fries, and a tank car of catsup. Just thinking about all the fries and catsup, I can almost feel my veins slam shut without taking a bite.
After reading the letter in Tuesday’s paper on watching in real time, what I read and I see is a group of sore losers who are complaining about what the new administration is doing, which is exactly what the last administration did for eight long painful years, and blamed us for what they were doing.
Prior to NAFTA, in my manufacturing business of over 30 years, I had 16 full-time employees. My lights were on 24 hours a day, five days a week. Six months later I was barely holding to two shifts, instead of a solid three. Then in 2008 with all the “fundamental changes”, I was barely holding on to one shift. All of us manufacturing shops were sweating bullets. The part that kept me in survival mode was for Corvette brake parts that was sent to China. Thanks to liberal policies, 17 people are out of work and the shop is closed forever.
So, get over yourself. Go to your local fast food restaurant and order a large fry with plenty of catsup that probably came from China anyway, grab a large soda that we in California can still buy, sit down, get comfortable, and start in. Like I said earlier, it will go down much, much easier, and maybe even taste a little better.
The elections are over. We won, and you lost. Maybe you are feeling like General Custer did. One last thing is Presidents Trump’s tax return. I do not really care about them. He is not in an audit by the IRS. He is very rich. He followed the laws and used them to his advantage. For you to question any one’s tax return is being a hypocrite. Tell me that you try to pay more on your taxes and send in a little extra every year, or as little as you can, just Iike the rest of us? In reading your words, it is just like the pot calling the kettle black.

Gary J. Duran