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The way it is: Big fight, no justice
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

What started out to be a quiet Monday afternoon on April 29, at 1:15 to 1:30 p.m. soon was the scene of a fist fight of all places on the front lawn of the Manteca Fire Department at Station 1 on Powers Avenue.

Soon several neighbors were included, and the Manteca Police Department was called. Soon a squadron of police cars arrived on the scene. Five police cars, seven or eight officers, one police dog, were assisted by several members of the station fire crew along with several neighbors. After joining forces Manteca Police Department, Manteca Fire Department and the neighbors soon had things under control. This is a fine example of people working together to keep our city safe. The bad guys involved in this fracas were soon arrested and hauled away. No doubt they were all back on the streets the very next day. This would not happen if the revolving door at the county jail was welded shut. But this will never happen thanks to our system of justice that we have.

While serving on jury duty many years ago a judge said, the system of justice is not fair, never has been and never will be. That judge was so right.

Fred Millner
May 1, 2013