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Theyre impressed with Manteca SHARPs
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
On Monday of last week, my husband and I were out walking in our neighborhood, we saw what we thought was a police car parked in front of one of our neighbor’s house. So being curious we walked over and there was a woman in uniform coming from the side of the house.
We asked if there was something going on with the house or in the neighborhood and she explained, “Oh no, I am doing a vacation house check.” Come to find out the car says “SHARP” on the side which means “Seniors Helping Area Residents and Police.”)
Well we have been here for five years and had no idea that this service existed. I talking to this woman (who was very nice, helpful, and all smiles) SHARP is a group of volunteers that are out and about every day. My husband and I walked away from that conversation happy campers and with a form to fill out when we go on vacation.
I am going to call them the “Silent Seniors.”
I think the Manteca Bulletin needs to do a story on these senior volunteers and find out exactly what they do every day to keep Manteca safe and clean.

Peggy McMahon