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Think about driving in Manteca
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I wanted to thank the paper for the recent articles about the 120 Bypass and the ongoing effort to stop the accidents on “dead man’s curve” on the southbound bypass traffic. 

What concerned me more locally is speeding in town and the running of red lights that seem to have become rampant in the city.

The thing that motivated me to write this letter is the near collision of my wife’s car at the intersection of Union Road and Wawona Street. She was making a left turn with the green light northbound onto Union when a car sped through the red light only to glance her car and continuing northbound on Union. She was unhurt but really shook up.

I have seen and heard of many instances of people not respecting stop signs in Manteca. I know this is a concern of many people but little has been done to prevent another deadly accident in our city.

I don’t blame the police department. I know they are undermanned and do their best to patrol this town that I love. But we need to do something to curtail speeding and the running of red lights.

Maybe increase the consequences of their action or perhaps higher penalties?

For some, a $250 ticket for running a red light is nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

If it became known that Manteca is tough on these issues then it might make people think twice about breaking the law.

If Manteca would announce traffic checkpoints like they do DUI checkpoints then maybe people would at least be aware of a possible ticket. That might be enough to slow down a few.

At least a city-wide effort to make people aware of speeding and running red lights will not be tolerated in our fair town.  Education may help. A stop sign means stop. It is not a slow-down signs.

California stops are not permitted (slowing down and making a right turn at a stop sign with stopping).

Stop signs mean stop. Red lights mean stop. Yellow lights mean prepare to stop and not to speed up to beat the red light.

Stop and count at least three seconds before you proceed. Be aware of other drivers – they may not stop.

I know this basic, but this is what people need to hear. Please think beyond yourself and care about other people.

I know we live in a “me” society. But before someone else loses their life to a careless driver please think about beyond yourself. 

The person you lose may be someone you love.


Dave Smith