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Traffic circles will slow traffic
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I think people living near Woodward Park should have a safe neighborhood, but how do you resolve this issue? I also think residents are making suggestions that are too expensive to implement, such as traffic signals.

I think traffic circles (roundabouts) should be installed in residential areas. A long stretch of straight highway is the reason people speed with disregard for safety. I also think that pedestrian crossings should have a large warning sign indicating a pedestrian crossing and it should be illuminated for drivers to see at night. I also think residents should do their part in creating safety. The accident involving an adult and child was caused by the blinding sun. I personally think this could have been avoided if the upper first quarter of the windshield was tinted. This should be a mandatory change in all windshields by the manufacturer of vehicles. In saying this, it is very inexpensive to have this done. I feel drivers should take the initiative to contribute to pedestrian safety, if residents negotiate streets that are blinded by the evening sun.

People are requesting traffic signals to slow traffic for safety. In lieu of this suggestion a simpler version could be installed with only two lights. A pedestrian could trigger a red flashing light when crossing and then it would  switch to green at a pre-designated time interval, which would allow a safe crossing of the street. Traffic signals have had this feature for some time. Merging traffic into a major highway uses this type of signal to prevent a bottleneck. People don’t realize the expense of placing a traffic signal at every crossing.

Woodward Park residents are not the only ones in Manteca that face dangerous traffic on a daily basis. Residents crossing a busy street need to make sure that they can safely cross without cars being close enough to hit them. The first preventative measure is initiated by an individual crossing the street.

Fleener Richards