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Try Twittering before trashing it
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I’m responding to Jeff Lund’s column on Twitter on Wednesday, May 27.  I’m always amazed when people write about what they don’t understand.  I was skeptical, until I tried it myself.  It’s amazing how energetic, quick and effective communication can be, once you try to fit your message into 140 characters.

I’m perplexed when he hints about not having real communication, that Twitter has somehow replaced authentic relationships.  I just came back from a marathon, where I followed Tweeters, and cheered them on from the sidelines.  I have connected with the local Tweetup in Modesto, have raised monies for charities, have learned amazing lessons from people in my sport, and have been able to follow my local leaders, including the Manteca Bulletin and Manteca Police.  When something is happening in our neighborhood, I see it instantly.  I follow the elected leaders in Sacramento and Washington as well.

Tell me, did Jeff pen his article, or did he type it and e-mail it?  If so, how is that different than Twitter?  Did he write it in longhand, or use a word doc to create it?  How many e-mails to friends and colleagues does he send a day while he’s teaching English?  Funny jokes...are they forwarded?  How is this different than Twitter?  

I’d like to challenge Jeff to try it.  Either that, or get off your computer, get out an ink pen and parchment, and write your column that way.  Don’t forget to drive it over to the Bulletin office, and drop it in their slot.  

Join the Twitter revolution, and see how effective it can be.  THEN write your column!!
 Linda Vermeulen
May 27, 2009