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Upset about conduct of crowd at MHS graduation
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I was horrified by the total disrespect that numerous parents, family and friends in attendance at the Manteca High graduation showed to the graduating class.

Shame on everyone of you.

While these young men and women were living the moment that they have been waiting 12 years for and getting the recognition they deserve,  people started getting up and leaving, in the middle of the ceremony. I could not believe these people were being so rude and disrespectful but the worst part is they are teaching their children how to be just as rude and disrespectful as they are. To all you people who showed this total disrespect, and you know who you are, your children will probably treat you the same way they watched you treat other people because kids usually live what they learn and look what you just taught them.

How much trouble could it have been to show a little dignity, taste and respect just by waiting a few more minutes until the ceremony was over? Manteca sure isn’t much of a Family City anymore with people like that living here.

Debbie Dennis
May 27, 2011