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Vagrants, drug addicts ruining Manteca
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
As I read Friday’s editorial on the homeless in Manteca I find myself thinking of why I wanted to move here 26 years ago. Manteca was touted as the “Family City” with good values and the small town attraction. 
The Manteca planners have done nothing to make Manteca anything but a bedroom community by just building more and more homes and not building the infrastructure to support the people moving here.  They have also spit in the faces of every taxpaying citizen by allowing the continuing problem with vagrants and drug addicts.  These individuals are living the life that they want by breaking into homes,  cars and stealing from the very businesses that pay taxes in our city.
 I have also heard that Manteca might be considering a methadone clinic for the city’s drug addicts.  Manteca used to be a beautiful place to raise your family and the government of Manteca has let it turn into an armpit of a city.

Richard DeRossett