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Van trucks kill people
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The tragedy in France and the Oklahoma City bombing is proof that van trucks kill people. You can’t blame the driver, because he was abused as a child and did not have the same opportunity as other kids. He has PTSD, is a veteran, he is crazy......blah....blah....blah.

The driver intended to kill people at any cost. He had the will to do what he did. The important thing here is that he killed a lot of people without a gun. It’s proof that trucks kill people. So how can we defend ourselves now? Do I need a bigger truck? Maybe I need a tank, I used to work on those, fun to drive, impossible to parallel park.

It is in my professional Portuguese opinion there is nowhere to hide. We have to do only one thing, and all this violence will go away. We just have to behave ourselves. It’s not that hard to do, even for me.

Besides, music is the international language of peace. Let’s start there.


Gary Duran