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Volunteers, not city at fault for BMX park delay
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I read the editorial Mrs. Mary Gomez wrote in regards to what’s holding up the BMX project.  At first I thought it was the council’s fault, but I was wrong. The council fulfilled its obligation and the BMX volunteers are the ones who are at fault for the delay.

The time to work this track was when the landfill was soft and now by the delay it is so hard that only a tractor can dig in the soil. They had plenty of time to prepare this track before the summer heat hit us.

Mrs. Anderson made a reply to Mary Gomez and told her progress is being made and new things are on the horizon, while this park lies untouched and incomplete. I doubt if this track will open in August. The rains will be on us soon and these mounds of dirt will be washed into the basin as mud, without some support. Anyone having questions on this project, just call on Kathy Anderson who claims she had the original idea for the park. I fought for the park for five years and I have seen nothing in the form of a letter in the news about anyone in that time fighting for the BMX.

I don’t think the Bulletin had a single thing on its record that this BMX was planned prior to me fighting for this park. But you know I don’t need to prove anything to people such as the Andersons. I have  just tried to help a kid to be able to race and enjoy his sport.

It is important to them to claim the idea, it’s not important to me. In saying this I will never help any organization again in this city. It’s not the kids it’s parents that are ungrateful for the help.

Perhaps the council should recognize the Andersons as the sole pushers of the BMX park.
Fleener Richards
July 30, 2009