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We have to control wildlife population
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

You really hit the nail on the head, (Dennis Wyatt’s column, “Bambi factor, hunting & Environmental perfection” — Monday, Dec. 30)  if people knew how the cow, the pig and the chicken were slaughtered we would have a nation of vegetarians. God gave us the animals for us to live, and also gave us wolves and other predators to keep balance in nature.

Humans are more vicious and cruel than any predator: They only kill for food, we kill and torture for enjoyment and revenge, and power over others.

Why can’t people understand there has to be a control of how many animals can safely live on the size of the land they live on, as you said if they are not controlled either by natural predators or hunting they will starve and suffer.

We have all invaded their land, so if we want to live where the deer and other animals live, we have to control their population.

I enjoy your column.

Inger Hammer
Dec. 30, 2013