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Weatherford is not the Ayatollah
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
 Recently the mayor in a Bulletin story told the people to move on, about their complaining about the nuisance bulbs in the city streets. This is his way of getting people to give up their right to be heard on this issue. This may come as a surprise to the mayor, but he works for the people and they don’t have to give up their rights, because he wants the issue to go away. Willie Weatherford isn’t the Ayatollah, He is just a public servant.
The  mayor and Council hired a coordinator at a salary of $40,000 to try and get the downtown business community  to tax themselves for improvements. The city is one sided in this regard. They want taxes from the retailers, but they don’t want to remove these obstacles in front of their businesses. Weatherford even inflated the cost of bulb removal, to justify the city’s decision to let them stay. Park money is being tapped for other projects, but they want do the same for removing the bulbs. This has been an on-going nuisance long enough and the people and the retailers should continue to put pressure on the council to remove these obstacles. The Mayor operates in a mode that tells the people the council is the only ones who has rights, not the people. Mayor Weatherford and his bobble heads need an attitude adjustment by the people. I think the retailers should give  them one.

Fleener Richards
June 20, 2009