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What we are watching in real time
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Have you ever wondered how Tyranny begins? Well, it begins by controlling the Free Press. How is this possible you ask? Well, historically, Tyrants have used this tried and true method:
1. Berate the media and turn the public against it, calling them “dishonest”, “disgusting”, and “scum”. Claiming, for example, widespread “voter fraud” where none exists. Claiming a win in an unprecedented “landslide” except for those “imaginary” illegals who “only” voted for the opposition and “not one” illegal vote cast went to the tyrant. When the media questions those assertions, the Tyrant claims they are the perpetrators of lies and deceit.  Even TV satire aimed at the tyrant, is claimed to be “unfunny”, “one sided”, “pathetic” or a “hit job”. The show in question and the network it is on, is “failing” and everyone should only watch one network, like for instance FOX because only they tell the “truth”, therefore establishing an Administration Network and casting doubt on all others.
2. Limit media access, for example not allowing network reporters to travel with him. avoid news conferences and carefully choose who can ask the questions in administration public briefings or any personal news conference or public meeting that may be held. Not allowing the media as to know who he has private meetings with or why. Not allowing access to his business dealings or his financial information. (taxes).
3. Threaten the media with lawsuits for anything reported that he objects to. Open up liable laws so that it will make it easier for him to sue the media over anything he deems, puts him in a bad light publicly such as reporting on women who claim sexual misconduct on the part of the tyrant.
4. Bypass the media, using social media or political rallies where he can lie directly to the public with impunity and claim whatever he wants as “alternative facts”. Use his power to intimidate others in his own party to remain quite or semi-agree with what he says, thereby giving himself credibility if only among his followers.
This is how this happens, historically. Now we are watching it happen in real-time right here in America.

Larry Baca