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Where are the casting calls for extras at Trump rallies?
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

According to the polls, Hillary was supposed to win the election.  The left tried every trick they could to assure this would happen.  They sent paid people to attack Trump supporters at his rallies.  These people incited riots at the Trump rallies.  The media puts out lies about Trump.  As a matter of fact, the media has tried this before with other GOP politicians.  Remember the Bush Reserves Time sheets?  Leading up to the election, the left was saying that if Trump loses, the Trump supporters will cause problems and will not accept the outcome of the election results.  The only truth to that is, it is the Democrats and the liberal left that have not accepted the results.  

Julie Novkov of U. of Albany has written an article that argues, even if Trump finishes two terms, “they will vociferously demand that he be permitted a third term,”.  She goes on to state that “Trumpers could provoke violence and place the nation in the position of having to engage in its violent suppression.”  And “state violence will be necessary in response to maintaining order.”  The left is so blinded by their hatred for Trump, they are committing acts of violence, thievery, bigotry, and justifying it as righteous acts.  Property damage due to the left’s actions is nearing a billion dollars.  The left tries to get people fired for their political views, while they cover their own face to hide their identity.  The right stands up for their views and show the world who they are.  I have personally seen leftist try to get conservatives fired from their jobs just because of their views.  Teachers from elementary schools through college badger those who support Trump.  Instead of being impartial, they drop the grades of those students who show any conservative view.  This blindness has created a legal and political civil war.  Mr. Trump is being sued for every decision he makes by someone on the left.  So far they have all failed to help the liberal left.  The court’s opinions have only solidified his decisions and weakened liberal power.

Rosie O’Donnell was interviewed by Chris Cuomo (a left leaning commentator) where she stated that Trump does not inspire people.  She states that the people at Trumps rallies are paid extras, and only a few hundred people show up to his rallies, and implied that nearly no one supports him.  She went further to state that there was antidotal evidence supporting her view of the paid extras.  Common sense, if not blinded by prejudice, shows this to be not true.  Mr. Cuomo even stated that his rallies are filled with more than 10,000 people whom he inspires.  Ms. O’Donnell works in the entertainment industry, so she should be able to show proof that there were casting calls for extras.  These would have been public — especially for 10,000 extras.  Not rely on antidotal evidence.  Mr. Trump is influencing the outcome of elections to this day.  So he has the support of the people and inspires his supporters.  Ms. O’Donnell showed that she was confused when Mr. Cuomo challenged her assertions.  

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is calling for the Democrats and liberal left to chase out any conservative from government positions.  This means that the government can be filled with liberals only.  This is the definition of the “Deep State”.  Elected officials, appointed bureaucrats, public unions, the teacher’s union, and government employees that are left leaning Democrats are disregarding the laws of the country unless it supports their goal for power.  Liberals don’t believe in the constitution.  They are attacking the first amendment, the second amendment, and the right to a fair trial.  The liberals convict a person without the benefit of a trial.  And when there is a trial, they riot if it goes against their belief.  The first two amendments are the foundation of the constitution.  If they fall, the country falls.  Mr. Trump said, “a country without borders is not a country.”  You can’t say you love your country if you don’t want to enforce your borders.  The liberal left wants a one world government.  Antifa wants anarchy.  And socialists want everyone’s hard earned money to give to themselves.  

Scott McComas, Manteca