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Why are Greenview Estates streets so bad?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This letter to the editor is both praising - and posing -a question for the City of Manteca.

To begin, my wife was walking with our daughter last Thursday on Foxfire Drive. Foxfire is out in Greenview Estates near the golf course. Our neighborhood is an exceptionally nice neighborhood, well kept, fine neighbors, etc. I would venture to say we have had one of the least amount of foreclosures and short sales anywhere in the city. My wife fell on Foxfire Drive as she was walking which she does daily. Thank goodness our daughter was walking with her that day. A lady backing out of her driveway stopped and asked if she could help. Her name, we later learned, is Julie Montross. Julie was able to pick my wife up, then drove her and our daughter back to our home. What an angel Julie is. Today, she stopped to see how my wife was doing. People like this are not found everyday and we are so grateful for Julie’s thoughtfulness and concern.

This all brings me to something I have been wanting to write about for some time. Why are our streets in this development as well as Greenview West allowed to be in such poor repair? Yes, I do know about the economic crisis that we are all experiencing, but I do notice as I drive around the city that other streets are being resurfaced. Springcreek Way where we live was used for about 3 years as a driveway for large construction trucks building 15 plus new custom homes. The street is a mess. In the 1500 block in front of the mailbox where people walk, the street is separating, there are cracks all over the streets, holes that have had a shovel-full of asphalt or whatever it is put in them from time to time. Greenview Estates has no sidewalks - it is very nice and I’m sure the people who live there enjoy it that way - but the streets are terrible. I know in our case, as well as other neighbors, we moved to this neighborhood because it is one that was very well kept, both by the city and by the individual property owners. It would be wonderful if the city could put our area, Greenview Estates and Greenview West on the agenda to have the streets resurfaced.

Paul Anderson
Nov. 15, 2011