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Why do we need civilian national security force?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I have been watching TV and reading various articles in different newspapers and have become confused with the following; why do we need a civilian national security force? Why has the government given AmeriCorps $500 billion to  bring all of these various community organizations, Acorn, Black Panthers, SEIU, etc., under one umbrella? Why does this national security force need to be as well trained and equipped as our military and what is their function? Can anyone out there answer my questions?

Our military cannot function as a police force except in the time of war and the overturn of Posse Comitatus. Therefore they cannot help the government control enemies domestically except by executive order.

Can we start seeing return of the infamous Brown Shirts of the 1930s? I am becoming very afraid of what is happening with our country and what the future holds.

Please Congress Jerry McNerney, help right the wrongs that are being committed by our government and don’t make your son disavow the oath he took when he became an Air Force officer.
 Dale Burnham
Aug. 28, 2009