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Why is it unAmerican to ask questions?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
As the Democrats try to force the people into government run health care, how come the Congress and President Obama exempt themselves from the same coverage they are trying to mandate on “We the people”?  

Why is it “unAmerican” to protest and ask questions?  The Democrats are trying to socialize everything into government control to eventually remove all the rights of the people.  We the people cannot trust the government until they can prove they can manage a budget and the government mandated programs they have already bankrupted.  According to our government already has 39.6 trillion dollars in liability to Medicare and Medicaid, 10.6 trillion dollars in liability to Social Security and 8.5 trillion in liability to prescription drugs.  

We need to save these programs and bring down our national debt which is 11.7 trillion dollars while our total government liability has now become 58.8 trillion dollars.  It is common sense that we do not need to add any more debt to our nation and fund the programs we have before we add more debt and a government run system that would be a disaster to the people.
 Frank Aquila
South San
Joaquin Republicans