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Why Obama earned Nobel Peace prize
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Editor, Manteca Bulleitn,

President Obama won the Nobel Peace prize and a lot of people seem upset by that. Let’s take a look at what has occurred since he became president.

California saved or gained 100,000 jobs with federal stimulus money. Troop levels in Iraq have declined dramatically. Israel and Palestine have both been called out to work out their differences. Iran has been called out for developing a nuclear threat to the world. The health care industry has been called out for plundering the average insured. GM is being salvaged, as is Chrysler. We have a tough, intelligent, decisive leader with a clear vision of right and wrong. Of course the status quo is upset; he is messing with their pork. At this point I see a lot of lies, distortions and scare tactics aimed at our president. Fortunately, the American public is smart enough to see the truth. We voted in a man who promised change. And he is doing just that.

Jim Dorroh
Oct. 12, 2009