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Why the Republican Party is in its weakened state
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Editor Manteca Bulletin,
I enjoy reading the Manteca Bulletin each day, particularly the “your views” section.  It cheers me to see Republicans write their views focused on the same old tired rhetoric.  

The fact is, a vast majority of registered voters in this country identify themselves as Democrats.  The greatest weakness of the Democratic Party is that historically they tend not to vote.  That Democrats voted in record numbers should be a wakeup call to the hard line Republicans that the common American isn’t interested in what that party stands for.  Many of those voters were not only voting FOR Obama, they were also voting AGAINST the Republican agenda.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am a registered Democrat and I believe in a 2-party system.  I believe that every citizen has something to contribute to the common welfare of this country.  However in recent years the old school ideas and ideals of the Republican doctrine have become totally out of touch with the vision the majority of Americans have for our country.  This is the greatest weakness of the Republican party.

As long as the leaders and shakers of the Republican party doggedly try to hold onto their outdated, dismissive, discriminatory, insulting and  blindly obedient behavior, the Republican party will remain weak.  At this point, I am happy to see this happen.
Ginger Hadley
June 17, 2009