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You cant talk to a liberal
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Ann Coulter was not quite right. You can’t talk to a liberal, even if you must. In these economic times, communicating with the Left, Environmentalist, and Democrats is paramount. To adequately understand and resolve the issues facing America, critical analysis is crucial. Unfortunately several writers from the Left fail in that arena.
Ms. Pearsall clearly does not have the fundamental understanding for critical analysis for the following reasons: She does not check facts, whether the facts are hers or other writers. She lets others think for her. She clearly does not have any education or experience in; engineering, physics, math/statistics, economics, finance, accounting, or international trade. Yet she stills claims to understand these areas without providing the facts, theories, and relationships that bind these areas together. In June of 2008, Mr. Baca stated Exxon-Mobil earned over $42 billion in one quarter. I corrected his mistake by sharing the last 3 years of data. I made the mistake of using year-to-date for the quarter in question. Ms. Pearsall wrote back supporting Mr. Baca and using “my numbers”, she “proved” that Exxon-Mobil net income was $42 billion in that quarter. She then stated “Even we non-economist can recognize that Exxon has had very profitable year so far. And Exxon is only one oil company.
Imagine the staggering profits for all the “Big Oil” companies combined!”. For the entire year of 2008, Exxon made $45 billion. Ms. Pearsall thank you again for providing me with the proof that Democrats are lazy and let other think for them. It took me 15 seconds to verify the correct income numbers. You did not fact check them because you are lazy. You let Mr. Baca tell you what to think because you took his position and tried to “prove” him right. If you break down the 45% & 55% education statistics, you will find this information: 26% have a high school diploma, 10% 9th – 12th grade without a diploma, and 9% less then 9th grade education. On the 55% side, you find 27% some college, no degree, 7% AA degree, 16% Bachelors degree, and 5% graduate degree. Depending on the year or geographic area, the break down will vary. There is a big difference between high school and college. College is where you learn your critical thinking skills and tools. Because 72% of the population has not had the opportunity to learn critical analysis skills in college, they had to learn it on their own and most likely in the work place). Experience or on the job training is the main requirement for getting a job, but it is the least reliable method for learning critical analysis skills, professional skills, or non-union trade skills. If you had a good mentor, you studied outside work, you learned well.
If you had a bad boss and you did not study at all, you learned poorly. You will find that most learned poorly. This is why yellow journalism works so well. You Ms. Pearsall missed your own first point. By your own words, “He also misses my first point, by ignoring my suggestion that we should examine the source of facts to be sure they are reputable and unbiased and not just look at the facts themselves”. I have presented facts that can be easily Googled and verified from different sources. I do this so that no one can claim that my facts are biased. I also string together the relationship of those points and how they should fit together based on sound, detailed theory as taught in college. I spend the time to cross check the writer’s information and compare his logic against sound theory as taught in college.
 Ms Pearsall, I do not discredit you. You do that yourself. All I do is point out your lies, hypocrisy, and lack of even a basic fundamental understanding high school. If you have had college, then you will have proved my point the people lose their critical analysis skills over time.
Scott McComas
March 14, 2009