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Dog park opening Thursday
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The grand opening of Manteca’s first dog park is Thursday, Jan, 12, at 4 p.m.

Refreshments will be served at the park located along Eucalyptus Street on the northern side of the Manteca Civic complex immediately west of the Manteca Senior Center.

The Friends of the Manteca Parks and Recreation Foundation still has customized bricks for sale that will be installed in the dog park.

One brick is $100 while a second brick is $80 that allows you to personalize them with a dog’s name or an appropriate message. All proceeds will go to securing amenities for the dog park.

Payment is by cash or check and is being accepted at the Parks and Recreation office at 252 Magnolia Avenue. There are a limited number of bricks available on a first-come, first-served basis until they are sold out.

After Thursday, the dog park will be open daily from dawn to dusk. It may be closed, however, during operating hours for routine maintenance. 

It is the only park in Manteca where dogs can legally be off leash. 


Dog park rules

The small dog area is for dogs 25 pounds or less while the large dog area is for dogs over 25 pounds.

All dog bites must be reported to the Manteca Animal Shelter division.

What are prohibited outright are:

uchoke, spike, chain, or pinch collars.

udog food and/or treats.

udogs that are either in heat, sick, or aggressive.

udog toys.

upuppies under 4 months old.

ufood, drinks, smoking, and glass containers.

ustrollers, bicycles, and children’s toys.

The park rules include:

uowners are required to pick up and dispose of their dog’s feces inside and outside the park.

uuse of the park is at owner’s own risk with owners being responsible for their dog’s actions. That includes any damage as well as injury illness to dogs or owners.

udogs must be leashed entering and exiting the park.

udogs must be under voice control of owner at all times.

umaximum of two dogs per handler.

uprofessional dog trainers are not permitted to use off-leash areas for business purposes without prior city approval.

udogs exhibiting aggressive behavior must immediately be removed by their owner.

udogs must be up-to-date on dog licenses and vaccinations with appropriate tag/licenses attached to collars at all times. Also, owners must be prepared to show proof of dog license and vaccinations.

uall dogs and children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

uequipment is for use of dogs only. No children are allowed on the equipment.

uno digging. If your dog digs a hole, you must fill it.

uNo brushing or grooming of pets inside the park.


Dog park idea first

approved in 2003

Building a dog park was first approved by elected leaders in 2003. Disagreements over locations and whether it should be funded by donations or park fees delayed any significant movement on the council’s promise until 2008. That year is was decided to locate it on the northeast corner of Woodward Park outside of the storm retention basin. Planning for construction was side tracked when city general fund revenues were slashed due to the Great Recession eventually leading to a 20 percent cut in municipal staffing primarily through attrition. The dog park was revived in 2015 with the final location selected and work starting in 2016.

The $227,993 project included installing sidewalks along Eucalyptus Street.

The dog park features a double entry system to prevent dogs from getting loose.

There is a drinking fountain for humans and a bowl drinking fountain for dogs as well as two trash receptacles, five dog waste stations, dog park rules sign, and bulletin board.

It has two separate areas — one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs.

The dog park includes:

uFive dog bone shaped benches.

uTen 15 gallon trees.

u194 one-gallon shrubs or groundcovers.

u13 stained paw prints set in concrete.

Among the amenities the bricks may help fund are:

uA double pointer plank jump: Essential hurdles for dogs to clear.

uWhippet walk: It is a ramp device where a dog walks up a ramp to a level stretch about two feet above the ground and then back down a ramp on the other side.

uA Samoyed sit and stay table: The raised square platform is a tried and true dog park furnishing that helps with obedience training.

uBow Wow Barrel: A mini pike-like tunnel.

uScottie Seesaw: Basically a teeter-totter for dogs.

There are restrooms nearby as well as off-street parking.


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