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PG&E lauds Mountain Valley for going green
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A historic Model A Ford stake truck sets the stage at the Mountain Valley Express terminal in Manteca’s industrial park as well-wishers gathered to honor the trucking firm for its environmental stewardship and energy efficiency. CEO Scott Blevins is pictured addressing a crowd that gathered for the award ceremony and breakfast. - photo by GLENN KAHL
It was a “red letter day” for Mountain Valley Express Wednesday as PG&E put on a breakfast spread for 175 workers and business associates at the Manteca trucking terminal recognizing the firm for its environmental leadership.

MVE was named the 2009 PG&E Green Award winner for environmental stewardship and energy efficiency at an award ceremony in front of the main office in the Manteca Industrial Park.

Mountain Valley was lauded for reducing its carbon footprint through measures such as lighting retrofit projects and heating, ventilation and air conditioning projects as well as the SmartAC demand response program.

The trucking company received more than $11,000 in rebates from the electric company.

“Through its commitment to energy efficiency and balancing out greenhouse gas emissions, Mountain Valley Express is doing its part to help create a cleaner environment for the future,” said Isidro Reyes, service and sales account manager for PG&E.

Due to its energy efficient effort, MVE has reduced its electric energy usage by 31 kilowatts.  Such a reduction is equivalent to powering approximately 11 average homes for one year or removing approximately 15 cars off the road for a year, a PG&E spokesman noted.

Mountain Valley Express has a fleet of 600 vehicles and 360 employees with customers in California, Nevada and Arizona.