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Designing with an exceptional shower
Making a statement with shower design. - photo by Photo Contributed

For some of us, the shower is a personal sanctuary - the only place and time of the day to unwind and not be bothered by anything from the outside world. So why not make an exceptional shower the centerpiece of your next bathroom remodel? Utilize the latest in style - and even technology - to create the ultimate retreat.

Spa-tacular shower

Instead of one-hand shower or rainshower, many of us long for shower fixtures that offer a full-body experience. A great way to transform yours into a sanctuary is by creating a vertical spa that includes the latest in style, functionality and technology.

Technology continues to touch more and more of our everyday lives, including the shower. Moen has created a digital shower system that offers the ability to set water temperature and flow with electric precision. The ioDIGITAL vertical spa features an innovative interface that lets you avoid guessing if the shower is at the right temperature; four programmable pre-sets create the perfect shower every time. There’s even a remote control that allows you to turn on the system while still in bed.

You can also add some extra style to your new spa with flushmount body sprays from Moen, which offer sleek, modern styling and add increased flexibility.

Take a seat

Now that you have more room in your new vertical spa, add a place to relax with a new built-in seat. It not only provides the luxury of increased comfort, but it’s also an eye-catching upgrade to any shower. The height of most shower seats is adjustable, which is convenient if more than one person plans to comfortably use it. Depending on the size of your shower, there are different options for you to choose from. Some to consider include:

•Fold-down teak - Best for smaller bathrooms as they take up the least amount of space and fold conveniently against the wall when not in use.

•Pre-fabricated expanded polystyrene - If you’re looking for a corner or bench seat, this is the best choice since it’s created from a very solid material. It’s typically attached to the base of the shower unit and can be polished with a tile or any other solid surface material.

•Fiberglass and acrylic built into bases - This shower system is the highest-quality construction, but can be limiting as it’s only offered in a few sizes.

Your space, your style

Your luxury bathroom is just about complete, but what better way to tie things together than with your own added effects? Consider adding art to your bathroom walls or photographs that complement your decor. Updating towels and rugs to match the new color scheme will also offer a refreshed and rejuvenating look. Consider a unique light fixture for an extra dose of lavishness and a scented oil diffuser will keep your bathroom fresh.

When you’re ready to transform your modest bathroom into an elegant haven of bathing, incorporate a few luxurious additions to design a space - and shower - that’s all your own. For more information about the ioDIGITAL vertical spa or flushmount body sprays from Moen, visit