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Keep modern convenience under traditional wraps
The new Brantford pulldown kitchen faucet from Moen offers smooth operation, easy movement and secure docking -- while adding warm, traditional charm to your kitchen.

Do you tend to lean toward traditional designs, but like the convenience of modern technology? If you do, you’re not alone. Keep your kitchen pretty and polished with these items that pack a modern punch ... but only on the inside.

“Our research shows that a traditional style of decorating is still the most popular in the U.S.,” says Judy Riley, vice president of design for Moen. “However, modern styles are running a close second, especially in the kitchen. So, many consumers are finding the perfect compromise - by utilizing traditional looking products that offer modern conveniences.”

Fortunately, manufacturers of kitchen products are closely monitoring consumer preferences, and now offer several product options - across many categories - that combine modern amenities with traditional charm.

Faucets with added function

In one year alone, the average consumer washes 11,680 dishes - that’s quite a bit of time spent in and around the sink. So why not make the faucet the focal point of your kitchen? Fortunately, you can do so with style and state-of-the-art technology.

While it may feature classic, elegant styling on the outside, it’s the advanced technology on the inside that makes the new Brantford high-arc pulldown faucet from Moen stand apart from the rest. This traditionally designed faucet is the first to offer the new Reflex pulldown system - for unmatched performance that offers smooth operation, easy movement and secure docking to keep the spray wand in place. In fact, Reflex makes Moen pulldown faucets at least 40 percent easier to extend than any other pulldown system - all while offering warm, traditional charm to your kitchen. Another hidden benefit in the Brantford faucet is its consumer-preferred, multi-function pulldown spray wand. This unique feature has a button, concealed on the backside of the wand, which allows users to switch between several water-flow patterns, including aerated spray, stream or Moen’s unique pause button.

Discreet dishwashers

Ask any homeowner, and probably the most coveted appliance in their kitchen is the dishwasher. This modern marvel of machinery whisks crumbs and coffee stains from plates and cups in an instant - leaving a bevy of sparkling clean dishes in its wake. But while dishwashers are well loved, they shouldn’t necessarily be the focal point of a kitchen.

An integrated or “hidden” dishwasher is one that is camouflaged with a front panel that matches the existing kitchen surfaces or cabinetry - from wood grain panels to stainless steel and painted wood. Even the handle will often be identical to the cupboard and drawer handles on either side of it.

Subtle storage

With so many items to store in such a small space, how can you utilize modern storage solutions without overwhelming your traditionally styled kitchen? Look no further than functional pullout pantries, pegged drawer dish organizers and more. These innovative storage devices make the most of cramped cabinetry with slide-out storage, adjustable shelves and pegs that can be customized to fit the dishes or pots and pans in your pantry or kitchen drawers.

Long gone are the days when you had to sacrifice style to allow for modern conveniences. Today’s product designers have a keen eye on consumer behaviors in and around the home - especially the kitchen - to ensure that you truly can have it all, even if you want to keep it a bit hidden.