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Caring about community important for Mayor Vierra
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America is known internationally as a country with a diverse and nomadic population, so it is rare when someone can say that their family has been living in the same town for over 100 years, but for Ceres Mayor Chris Vierra that is the case.

Born and raised in Ceres, Vierra has only lived outside the Central Valley town as a college student when he attended California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo to study Mechanical Engineering. Vierra is now a licensed civil engineer that manages Stan Tech Consulting in Modesto. When he isn’t busy at the firm consulting on roadways and underground infrastructures, he puts his engineer brain to use to better the town of Ceres since his mayoral term began in 2010.

“My favorite thing about being mayor of Ceres is all the people that I get to meet. I’m a people person so I enjoy the diversity this position offers,” said Vierra.

Vierra does admit that the diversity of people often includes a variety of opinions making the position of mayor a difficult one at times, but he always keeps the citizens’ needs at the forefront of his vision. In the beginning of his role, Vierra was proud that the city accomplished several above-ground projects such as Redbluff Regional Park, Whitmore Overpass, and a community center, but now the focus is towards more underground improvements such as water and sewer improvements. Job creation and spurring economic development to revitalize  downtown Ceres are also ongoing efforts as well.

“I just want to do projects in the city that citizens can be happy with,” said Vierra.

As for how citizens perceive him, he says that he hopes when he leaves the politics arena that “people will look at me and see that I did something for the community.”