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Costumes replicating Miley Cyrus VMA performance are hot sellers
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The Superman costume from The Man of Steel summer blockbuster is one of this years popular items at the Halloween Spirit stores. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT

Remember Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance with Robin Thicke?

Shocking? Perhaps so, but folks at the Halloween Spirit stores can’t seem to keep in stock replicas of that skimpy outfit worn by the former Hannah Montana star.

“It’s been one of our popular costumes,” said Blake, who has been at the Stockton store for the past two years.

Of course, he indicated Friday that superhero costumes are always a popular item with children of all ages.

No surprise that Superman and Iron Man – both equipped with foam six-pack abs and muscles at Halloween Spirit – are the sought-after items, especially with the box office success of ‘The Man of Steel’ and ‘Iron Man 3’ this past summer.

But Spider-Man, however, continues to be everyone’s favorite superhero come Halloween. Ditto that for Batman.

For girls, especially among ‘tweens’ – specifically, the ages of 10 through 12 – Batgirl and Super girl are favored over that of Wonder Woman when it comes to superhero costumes.

More popular among the ‘tweens’ is that Monster High look. From Draculaura to Frankie Stein, Blake said girls just can’t get enough of the costumes and matching accessories from the animated series.

The Walking Dead series has also generated interest among folks.

What man wouldn’t want to dress up like zombie-hunter Daryl Dixon? How about the Rick Grimes’ Sheriff’s outfit equipped with badge, belt and matching hat?

People are also looking to dress up like zombies from the series come this Halloween, according to Blake.

“We’ve had a lot of people looking at zombies,” he said.

Blake noted that his store at 963 W. March Lane has been open since Aug. 31. “Next week is when we’re expected to get really busy,” he said.

Children are again looking at becoming ninjas or Power Ranger for Halloween. The Spirit store has in stock the Ninja Avenger Gold Armor Boy and Stealth Ninja as well as any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

One of the more popular of the Power Rangers has been the Megaforce Black Ranger costume.

Other popular costumes included popular figures from Duck Dynasty, Hunger Games, and other popular hit shows and movies, Blake said.

In addition, Halloween Spirit carries classics such as the banana and hot dog tunics along with other funny ensembles, sports garments, monster garb, and multiple scary outfits.

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