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Treasure hunters love Stocktons Superior Thrift
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Alexandra may be considered a savvy shopper.

For example, she’ll browse for coupons in the Penny Saver mailer in search of vintage wear and name brands. The Stockton resident looks no further than Superior Thrift Store, 1135 N. Wilson Way for many bagains.

The location alone may scare off some folks. That’s the least of the problem, said Alexandra.

“The parking is so horrible. (Superior Thrift) does not have enough parking spaces for the customers they have on a daily basis,” she said.

Alexandra indicated that the overflow parking lot is also jam-packed, especially on the weekends.

Yet she’s not deterred.

“I highly recommend this store to all you treasure hunters out there,” Alexandra recently posted on Yelp.

Superior Thrift is the best place for bargain hunting in Stockton. So much so that it’s been voted No. 1 in one publication for new and used merchandise since 2008.

Jax V. of Stockton, like Alexandra, shares the opinions with many of her fellow ‘Yelpers,’ including the parking lot woes.

“People can nitpick, but (Superior Thrift) has so many bargains and vintage finds that are priced to move that the minor shortcomings are more than worth it,” she said.

Included are low prices coupled with coupons and discount days, to boot.

Tuesday is Discount Day and Thursday is Student Discount Day.

On a given day, Kendra found four pairs of vintage jeans for under $12. She listed the brand names as Guess, Armani, and Levi’s.

The selections here are practically limitless.

Whether it’s stylish clothes for men, women and children – at inexpensive prices – or a like-new blender, Superior Thrift has a huge assortment of everything, including jewelry, antiques, collectibles, toys, electronics (television, VCRs), bedding, house wear items, furniture and appliances.

The Superior Thrift website said: “We have interesting selections of quality items. Our affordable prices have made us a favorite of customers from all over the area.”

Michelle N. of San Diego can attest to that.

“I can honestly say that this thrift store contains a lot of goodies,” she said.

Michelle may describe herself as a Forever 21 shopper but she’s also out for the deals.

“If you take the time you will find beautiful items of clothing or even modern day trends really cheap. I’m talking about shirts that range from $1 to $5 and coats that are no more than $10,” she said.

Superior Thrift is open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information, call 209-942-0332 or log on to