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Boutiques help raise college funds
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Manteca’s recent Handcrafter’s Boutique did not in any way disappoint.
With 40 plus vendors offering things such as homemade chocolate, kettle corn, fruit in jars, cupcakes, cake pops, boot jewelry, hand painted signs, knitted items, goose egg ornaments, sports pillows, and sparkly bows to name a few, the holiday season off to a great start.
While every vendor in attendance had so much to offer, one vendor Cosmetics for College drew special attention not only for their natural cosmetic products but for the reason behind the business.
It all started when Wendy and Elizabeth Sauers began hand making essential oil products as gifts for friends and family last holiday season.  When those same friends and family began requesting more of products long after Christmas, the mother and daughter began to consider a possibility.
“We started making things as gifts for Christmas then people started asking us, can I get a sugar scrub, can I get more body butter,” Elizabeth said. “ We thought if people are asking, maybe we could sell them” said Elizabeth.
The idea of turning their homemade cosmetics into a business was appealing to Elizabeth as she is a nursing student at the medical trade school, Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Salida and is in need of funds to help pay for tuition.
“Because my family makes more than minimum wage I didn’t qualify for financial aid but I needed money to help pay for tuition and so I started making products to sell.  We are still pretty new but we have grown a lot.” 
Since February of this year, Elizabeth and her mom have been hard at work developing the new business and making the best smelling sugar scrubs, lotions bars, healing oils, skin care solutions and other cosmetics to sell at various events such as they did at the Handcrafter’s Boutique.  In addition local stores such as, I Remember When Antiques and Collectable and Bean & Leaf Café are carrying their product.
Social media such as Facebook an Instagram along with word of mouth have been a successful means of spreading the word that Cosmetics for College specializes in therapeutic grade essential oil products and the profit goes to Elizabeth’s college education.
Beginning their product line with simple bath bombs, an aromatic treat for bath-time, Elizabeth and Wendy have developed a number of products they are certain customers of all ages will love. 
Products such as:
uAcne Wash: A light, gentle skin cleanser made with lavender, orange palmarosa, tea tree and peppermint oil.
uPillow Spray: A lavender mist with a hint of witch hazel perfect for bed time.
uAching Bones: Camphor, cinnamon leaf and Scotch pine essential oils for pain relief.
uCitrus Burst: Orange, lemon, grapefruit and tangerine oils for that uplifted feeling.
uEucalyptus: Perfect for clearing congestions and restoring energy.
uHeadache, Headache Go away: A combination of lavender, eucalyptus & peppermint for effective headache relief.
uTangerine oil: To help maintain moisture balance in the skin.
uPalmarosa Oil: Good for acne, colds, flu, cuts and fatigue.
uSleep Salve:  A mixture of essential oils to rub on the back of neck, temple and pressure points for a great night sleep without waking up feeling groggy.
For a mother and daughter to have their own business is certainly exciting in itself but when the purpose for having the business is to further your education in a selfless field such as nursing, the success of that business brings even greater reward.
Follow Cosmetics for College on Facebook and Instagram to learn of upcoming events where you can support Elizabeth’s pursuit of a college education through purchasing products or call (209) 627-9663.